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25, Virgo, Россия, Пермь
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Important details of LetYou
Sex Female
Interested In Males
Age 25
Height < 5' [150cm]
Weight 90 - 100 lbs [40 - 45 kg]
Hair Brunette
Eyes Brown
Ethnicity White/Caucasian
Languages Russian, English
Hometown Пермь
Pubic Hair Hairy
Bust Medium
Butt Medium
What makes me horny
About me
russion matryoushka...25 yo. I like nature walk
What turns me off
What I do on webcam:
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My dream

I want to have a calm and prosperous future.

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to go to the sea
to go to the sea
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Comments (441)
I wish that, when you are laying on your back, the camera is above you...looking down on your gorgeous body.

I would love to see your full body, but it would be so much more intimate if the camera was much closer to your face.

Only face and breasts...Why?

Because I love seeing your beauty up close, but also because, from my view, it looks like I am on top of you. Just like face to face sex.

When you masturbate, I can imagine I'm on top of you, pumping deep inside...just like our first time.
I keep thinking about your most recent orgasm...

The way your little legs were shaking as waves of pleasure rippled through your young naked body.

Your tender moans as your drove your two fingers inside your tight vagina...the louder and more passionate...the harder I stroke my stiff penis...

The way you talk dirty...saying how good it feels...cursing and swearing...smiling and giggling...

It is so good. Relax, enjoy yourself, have fun. I love seeing the sweet look on your face as you cum...
You did such a good job fingering your pussy earlier...

I love hearing your voice and I adore every expression on your pretty face as you masturbate...

When you closed your eyes and start pounding your vagina...mmm...I felt like you were dreaming about me...about us...

Teaching me how to fuck you. Knowing I study every moment...

Closing your legs, slapping your ass...it is like you are brining all our fantasies to life...

Talking and moaning like a good girl...yes, I had orgasm with you))
You look like such an angel. Swaying gently back and forth, holding your warm cup of tea...

You have a bandage on your popka. I hope you are ok, my sweet little treasure.

As you lay on stomach, I am gripping my thick shaft, wanting to spread your ass wide open.

Sliding the tip of my penis between your little butt cheeks, thrusting hips gently, applying pressure.

Leaning forward, gathering your long hair in my hands, pulling your head back.

Your asshole squeezing my shaft as it burrows deep inside your anal cavity.

Hair in one hand, breasts in the other...I fuck your tight ass.))
Mmm...baby...I am here with you...

Your slender little body is my heaven...

Your pretty eyes...mmm...your playful smile...mmm...your perfectly shaped breasts, ripe nipples...fuck...that gorgeous little vagina...tight supple ass...

I love you so much, Anna!!!
Do you know how good it feels when I ejaculate watching you?

Not emotionally, but physically. How my penis reacts...

The moment I see your eyes and pretty face, my penis begins to throb with excitement. When I look at your naked breasts, I begin to experience pre-ejaculate cravings.

The muscles in my cock begin flexing rapidly. It feels so good, but it is a thousand times more intense when I see your pussy.

I take him out of my pants and feel such relief as I grip and stroke my thick shaft.
It is now when I begin to imagine you in many different sexual positions.

To simulate what your pussy feels like, I start by squeezing and stroking the tip of my penis.

You body is so tiny and I know your vagina will be very tight at first, so I grip him tightly. Twisting and jerking.

The muscles in my dick keep flexing and liquid comes out of the hole at the tip of my penis. This lubricates my penis and I pretend it is your warm honey.

I start stroking deeper, as your pussy opens wide...
In my mind now, your pussy is tight and wet and stroke up and down the entire length of my thick shaft.

The next part can take anywhere from 5 minutes...to 4 hours...

During this, I am exploring every cm of your body. Every fold in your pussy lips, every hair on your arms, the shape of toes, the color of your asshole.

I love it all. When you masturbate, I match your rhythm, imagining I am fucking you.

When you orgasm, I do too. If you stop before, I also stop and keep stroking. Watching...
I have ejaculated thousands of times with you.

Almost every time you orgasm in free chat...I do too.

I position my fingers at different points on my throbbing shaft.

Index and forefinger wrapped around the tip.

Middle, ring, and pinky fingers press and massage with varying firmness depending on what you are doing.

When you stand and watch tv, I stroke slowly, saving stamina.

When you masturbate, I pump him hard and focus on how your body is reacting, words you are saying, moaning...
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